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We don’t just teach the students in Primary School, we also provide opportunities for hands-on experiences, since children learn best by doing. Blossom Children Academy is the most suitable school for your child primary education.

In our primary school, the curriculum is designed to enrich the learning experiences of the pupils through Primary 1 to Primary 6. We provide a suitable classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore and challenged to learn, while building relationships with their peers and developing self-confidence. In our Primary School our teachers address more complex topics while developing the skills and confidence of the students. At this stage, we incorporate languages, mathematics, science, creative arts, music, motor skills and social development.

We do not neglect Group activities and discussions at Blossom Children Academy. We are the perfect school for your child primary education. Our Understanding of the World, Personal, Social and Emotional needs are satisfied in our Learning Goals. 

Our classrooms and learning facilities are highly conducive and serene for 21st century learning and Our very experienced teachers aim for excellence as they teach with love and care for pupils. Beyond academics, we also take time to develop the talents of our Pupils through a variety of extra-curricular activities