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About Us

Blossom Children Academy

Blossom Children Academy Ushafa is one of the best schools in Abuja, Nigeria; we provide a well-rounded education that enables our students to develop vital life skills and excel academically.We offer values-based education for your child and strife to develop students that are confident and well-rounded. At Blossom Children Academy Ushafa every child is welcomed, safe and given top-most priority as we are committed to helping students fulfil their educational dreams and goals.

We offer a supportive and conducive environments for young minds to learn and grow. Blossom Children Academy is committed to, not just mental and physical, but to social development of her pupils. As a school, we provide qualitative education to children in Abuja through a fun and flexible learning approach.

At Blossom Children Academy Ushafa, we are strategic and intentional about What and How our students Learn , thus we carefully track every students progress to achieve their parent’s expected outcome of a successful student.

Our Vision

A community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop their fullest potential

Our Mission

To provide high quality education and child care in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds foundation for life-long learning

Core Values

Self Discipline, Tolerance, Responsibility, Integrity, Dignity & Excellence

Our Motto


Our Aims & Objectives

  • To nuture future leaders to a great destiny
  • To be a pinnacle of foundational education
  • To bring out God given creativity & skills in pupil
  • To imbibe Godly moral values in our pupil

Why Choose Us

Choosing the right school for your child is a vital step in the Life of the Child, thus as a parent you must carefully lookout for specific things before choosing a school. Find below reasons why you should choose Blossom Children Academy.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are very experienced and have attained requisite National and International certifications to ensure professionalism in handling their duties. Our teachers aim for excellence in all that they do at all times and they teach with love and care for pupils.

Conducive Environment

Our classrooms and learning facilities are highly conducive and serene for 21st century learning as we place top priority on the safety and wellness of every student (Nursery, Primary and Secondary) on our premises.

Co-curricular Activities

Beyond academics, we take time to develop the talents of our Pupils through a variety of extra-curricular activities that are carefully designed to explore and harness students’ creativity in the 21st Century. Occasionally, we organize excursion that takes the pupils to new places where they discover new things